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Glenn "Big Dog" Chenell Runners Hall of Fame & Special Awards



Glenn “Big Dog” Chenell


March 7th 1951 – May 20th 2013


It is the extraordinary life of Glenn “Big Dog” Chenell that inspired us to honor him with the Glenn “Big Dog” Chenell Hall of Fame Awards.


Glenn demonstrated not only through his 18-month journey of living with cancer, but throughout his entire life, what a true champ really is… and he taught many others along the way.


His enthusiasm and camaraderie on the pavement was an inspiration to the running community, he was the Sunday morning ringleader and we are all grateful for the joy and laughter, the great stories and the running advice he so richly gave out.


Whatever the race, he approached it with great determination, unwavering commitment and complete focus, never giving up or giving in. Dave Blaikie, editor of “Ultra Running” magazine wrote this about Glenn. “One of the recurring themes in Ultra-sport is the quiet triumph of ordinary athletes over difficult obstacles that could easily have prevented them from running at all.” Glenn’s life motto might well have been one word “Perseverance” – The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep running. Hence this is the spirit of this award, not for the number of wins or trophies one has, but to honor those who run for the joy of running.


The Big Dog’s career mileage was 56,362.2 miles, in kilometers that is 90,179.52. Just to put that in perspective, that’s running the circumference of the world… not once, but twice and then some… All the while sharing his running wisdom, humor and sarcasm to encourage, motivate and inspire many runners in Pictou County and beyond.


You see, Glenn was a motivator and a mentor, but more importantly he was a friend.




2015 Special Awards


Johnny Miles Williston Character Award

This award is presented annually to an individual or individuals who bring the same passion and dedication to the event that the race founder Dr. Johnny Williston brought to the event for 30 years

Presented to the original committee from 1975 

Front Row – Bud Brown, Dodi Goodwin, Bill McNeil, George Manos

Back Row – Eric Beaton (Sis Beaton). Alvin Sinclair, Dr. John Hamm, Fergie MacKay


Verna VamBommell Community Volunteer Award


Verna was a great volunteer with many organizations in Pictou County including the Johnny Miles. We present this award annually to someone who has her same commitment to volunteering that Verna had.


This year’s winner is Mr. Bob MacEachern


Danny McLeod Inspirational Award


Danny MacLeod was a long serving councilor here in New Glasgow and was a passionate community volunteers especially in sports. We honor and remember Danny every year by presenting the award in his name


This year’s winner is Mr. Bill MacEachern & Elaine White


L-R – Race Director Terry Curley, Billy MacEachern,

Elaine White, Bob MacEachern & race Director Carol Curley


2015 inductees into the Glenn Big Dog Chenell Runners Hall of Fame

Back Row – Race Director Terry Curley, Miss Beth Williston, Elizabeth Chenell (Wife of Glen Chenell), John Squeak White, Doug Craig

Front Row - Lynn Sue Wyse, Bob Reid, Race Director Carol Curley

Special Recognition Awards 2014 
Dr. Johnny Miles Williston Character Award  
Dave MacLennan with the late Dr. Williston’s wife Phyllis and his daughter Beth 
Danny MacLeod Inspirational Awards 
Jennie MacDonald with Virginia MacLeod and her trainer from the Y, Lori Atta             
Reese Hawkins & Lloyd MacLean both received the award
Verna vam Bommel Community Volunteer Award 
Pat Carty shown here with Verna’s husband John vam Bommel and Verna ‘s sister, 
Margi Grant Walsh 













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